Train more and save with Predator Games

Train more and save with Predator Games

Predator Games barrel system review
review by Daniel Tyler

For some time, companies have been trying to come out with products to make paintball a little cheaper and easier. Reballs, Lazerballs, and V-Balls are all available today to shoot a 68 calibered projectile out of a marker. Reballs and Lazerballs are designed to shoot at another person while the V-Balls are designed to shoot at a target. The best of all these products was that you could practice your snap-shots and long distance as well as short distance shooting repeatedly with your marker set up to attain proper form and good muscle memory.

Muscle memory is attained through doing a particular activity over and over and over and over (you get the idea) again. Snap shooting is the exercise of pre-aiming, quickly coming out of your bunker, shooting a ball at your intended target, and coming back in back in the shortest amount of time while still being able to put paint on target.

I have heard that members on the Russian Legion (or Boston Red Legion) will take a 2000 round case of paintballs and do nothing but snap shoot with all 2000 balls, one ball at a time, five days a week. If anyone did this repeated exercise 10,000 times per month, one ball at a time, they should be one of the best shots in the world if they are doing the exercise correctly. If your muscles have memory and you repeat a certain exercise over and over again, it will be second nature where you don’t even have to think or prep on the field to do. But for most of us, this exercise would be very costly. If we looked at the monetary numbers to do this with paint that is a paint tab of $800 per month assuming that each case cost $40. I’m sure that most of you are in the same boat as I, there is no way I could afford to train like this.

I am always looking for better and cheaper ways to train. I am not blessed with a paintball sponsorship that gives me as much paint as I need to train with nor do I even think that the vast majority of Pro teams are blessed with a paintball sponsorship to train like this. Recently I came across a unique product that could allow me to train like this at a pitiful cost compared to what is nearly my mortgage payment and that product is from Predator Games.

After visiting the website and reading about their fantastic product I ordered one right there and then. The Predator infrared barrel system had the potential for me to train all I wanted at a very low investment. The Predator infrared barrel system has a laser emitter enclosed within an aluminum barrel and a target receiver. This system will set you back $129.99 but for what it could do, I feel the investment is well worth it.

The laser is housed within an aluminum barrel. At this time Predator Games only have it available for Spyder, Tippmann Custom 98, and Tippmann A-5. An Autococker threaded Predator barrel will be available come December. When the system finally came in I was truly ecstatic, I grabbed up a Tippmann A-5 and immediately started messing around with it.

The laser emitter (as stated before) is encased in a barrel and no you can’t shoot paintballs through this thing. In order for the emitter to shoot a laser, you will need the proper marker and a tank full of air. It doesn’t matter if you use Co2 or compressed air. The Predator barrel just needs to feel the vibrations from the marker being dry fired for a laser to be shot. The radiation is very low (the same as your television remote) so shooting someone in the eye will not cause a flash burn making it completely safe. There is no on/off switch for the laser emitter so it is dormant until it feels the vibration of your marker dry fire air. Installation is the same as screwing in a barrel on your marker.

The target receiver is almost the same size as a deck of cards. There are two modes for the target receiver, target mode and player mode. In player mode, the target receiver will light up an LED light and beep audibly for five seconds. In target mode, the target receiver will light up an LED light and give a short beep to alert that it has been “hit”. There is an on/off switch to turn this unit on or off.

You can clip the receiver on a person and play advanced laser tag if you wish the Predator system. It could be fun, but I much prefer the training opportunities the Predator systems offers. To me this system is worth its weight in gold for the target mode feature. I like this system over the aforementioned Reballs, Lazerballs, and V-Balls cuz there is nothing to pick up at the end of the day.

At short distances (30 to 60 feet) the Predator system worked out very well. However after the first initial use, I realized that there was a slight flaw with the system. We all know that paintballs don’t fly laser straight there is a curve and we all compensate that on the field by knowing how much to elevate our barrels to put paint on target. At the shorter distances I placed the target receiver a foot above an intended target. I velcroed the target on the wall with a mask a foot below it. When I did my snap shots, I totally ignored the receiver and aimed at the mask for my training purposes. I knew I hit the target each time when the target receiver would chirp. This was a great exercise and I’m positive that the next time I go out to play that more of my shots will convert to eliminations.

At longer distances (90 to 120 feet) we had to place the target receiver over our intended target to nearly three feet to compensate for the ball drop at those ranges. I wanted to simulate a real paintball as much as possible due to the fact I was compensating the straight laser to the realistic properties of gravity upon a paintball. The laser beam from the Predator gets wider as the distance gets further. At 120 feet the beam is almost the size of a small wheel on a compact car.

Another great exercise that I was able to do was practice running and shooting. I would place the target at the other end of the field and break out to the back corner while shooting at the target receiver. This is a great drill to do for any player especially X Ball players. On target mode the receiver registered hits constantly as long as I was hitting it.

I love this system and I’m really looking forward to the Autococker threading so I can use my Dye Matrix with it. It is great cuz the system utilizes your complete marker set up so you can train with the same equipment that you will use on the field. It is a huge money saver; all you have to do is replace two AAA batteries in the target receiver and one AA battery in the barrel for the laser emitter.

You can play laser tag with the Predator system, but I feel that the training opportunity that the Predator system offers is just priceless.

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