PBC reviews the new Dye I3 goggle system

PBC reviews the new Dye I3 goggle system

PBC takes a look at the new Dye Invision 3 (I3) debuting at World Cup.
review by Alan Nagata
Team Notorious

Robbo holding blue I3<br>teaser of C6 jersey
Robbo holding blue I3
teaser of C6 jersey
Every year Dye always comes out with new gear to debut at the World Cup. Ever since the Dye Invision was developed it has virtually stayed the same year after year except for minor color changes and revisions to the foam lining and the chinstrap. Apparently the R&D department over at Dye realized that the old Dye Invision just wasn’t the cutting edge anymore. When the original Dye Invision was released, it was highly accepted by many tournament players for the ultra small profile that the Dye Invision offered unlike the goggle systems that existed then. Those other goggles did great by protecting the face but faired rather poorly within keeping a tight profile.

Most of the R&D department plays professionally so these guys are no slouches when it comes to designing a product. If you take a look at all of Dye’s products, everything had a lot of thought put into it to help the player on the field. With the advancement in goggle technology, Dye made another leap with the new Invision goggle system that will be available at World Cup, the I3.

Soft and flexible
Soft and flexible
I know you may be asking yourself why you should get the new Dye I3 mask to replace your current Invision mask, well here it is, the new Dye I3 goggle system is soft and flexible! That’s right everyone, the mask is flexible. What does this mean? Well bouncy bouncy, the ball will have a higher chance of deflecting off the face mask rather than breaking leaving you in the game. The only hard parts on the Dye I3 are the lens and the goggle frames. The mask is hard plastic around the goggle frame and woven rubber around the entire face mask. Even the vents are made of woven rubber. The Dye I3 still sports the aggressive looking vents on the front and sides of the mask. The venting pattern is patented by Dye with its ability to provide ventilation but most importantly to aid in projecting your voice so that your teammates can clearly hear what you are trying to convey. How soft is it you ask? Not as soft as the deforming JT Proflex nor so soft to give you a bloody lip, but much softer then the V Force Profiler. A nice happy medium is attained.

Ultra tight profile
Ultra tight profile
The first thing someone will notice immediately is the complete change in colors. Some are very bright like the yellow and blue and some are a duller color like the red. The one I got to review had a red face shield with black vents and goggle frame. The dimensions on the new mask have been changed a tad bit. The Dye I3 is marginally wider to allow that extra room for the mask to flex when a paintball impacts. While wearing it around I got some mixed reviews. Most loved the new looks, some didn’t. I personally love the looks and the feel. The Dye I3 is very comfortable to wear and the mask is marginally but noticeably lighter than the current Dye Invision goggle system.

Yellow and grey I3
Yellow and grey I3
Dye maintained the ultra tight profile that made the Dye Invision mask such a hit with players. Dye incorporated that styling into the next generation mask. In doing so, from afar, one might not be able to realize that they were looking at the new Dye I3 goggle system which was evident at the most recent San Diego NPPL event where many of Dye’s sponsored teams were sporting them. So far the colors that will be available are red/black, yellow/grey, grey/black, and blue/black.

Still maintains full protection
Still maintains full protection
The lens and goggle frame on the new Dye I3 mask is the same as current models. The Forward Tab Retention System is still the same. This design kept the lenses firmly in the goggle frame and is still a mother of a task to switch out lenses on a new goggle frame. After a few times of switching out lenses the frame does wear in so lens changes are easier. The only gripe I have with the Dye I3 is I had hoped that Dye would have employed the same quick lens change system as the Proto Switch goggles.

Just by looking at the new I3 mask I can’t wait to see what the new Dye C6 gear will look like!!! There is no official word on what the price will be for the Dye I3 once it becomes available to the public. You can always visit www.dyeprecision.com for any more news and information.

Ratings for the new Dye I3 mask

Comfort- 5
Visibility- 5
Peripheral Vision- 4
Lens Change- 1
Looks- 4
Bounce Effect- 4
Voice Projection- 5
Profile Tightness- 5
Cost- Unknown

*All ratings are 1 to 5, 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.*

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