Tadao Technologies new signature board

Tadao Technologies new signature board

New techno-brains for DMs from Tadao Technologies
article by Will Roberson

Tadao Technologies is proud to announce the release of five new products:

Musashi 7 THump DM4/5/C board – signature board of Baltimore Trauma’s Tyler Humphrey
Musashi 5 Dynasty Shocker/Nerve board with low battery indicator
Musashi 5 Infamous Alias board
Musashi 5 DM4/5/C chip
Musashi 5 Matrix board

Additionally, Tadao Technologies produces boards for the AKA Viking/Excalibur, MacDev Cyborg, Bob Long Intimidator, and Dye’s Proto Matrix. All Tadao Technologies products are drop-in upgrades, requiring no permanent modifications.

THump tadao board for DM4/5/C
THump tadao board for DM4/5/C
The THump features the all-new Musashi 7 software, providing outstanding performance with simple operation and a multitude of new features:

• Fully functional in the Dye DM4, DM5, and DMC
• Enhanced power switching hardware for the solenoid is capable of pushing 10 amps, more than 3 times the capability of the stock board
• Includes twelve (12) fire modes: uncapped semi-auto, capped semi-auto, PSP auto-response, PSP mild ramping, PSP max ramping, PSP z-burst, NXL full-automatic, auto-response, mild ramping, max ramping, z-burst, and full-automatic
• Asynchronously monitors the trigger switch using an interrupt based scan at 2 million times per second, faster than any other aftermarket board or chip for the DM4/5/C
• Gangster setting allows 3 different “off-the-break” options for every fire mode, giving 36 different breakout-style modes
• Adjustable ABS programming prevents first shot drop-off
• AMB (anti-mechanical bounce) and CPF (cycle percentage filter) algorithms help to eliminate mechanical bounce and switch bounce
• Power efficient software and hardware lengthens battery life
• Programming mode allows changes to debounce, dwell, loader delay, AMB, ABS dwell, fire mode, fire mode max rate of fire, eye mode, CPF, ramp start, breakout mode, and LED colors
• All settings are stored in non-volatile memory so they are not lost when battery is disconnected
• One-touch startup enables the marker to fire instantly
• Automatic 15-minute idle power down saves batteries
• Three eye modes: delayed, forced with force shot, and test mode with rate of fire indicator
• Fully adjustable color schemes
• Low battery indicator hardware and software shows battery level each time the marker is turned on
• BMR (bad membrane recognition) allows the user to keep playing if the eye button fails on the membrane pad

Tadao Dynasty board
Tadao Dynasty board
The Musashi 7 based THump is currently in use by Baltimore Trauma, while Musashi 5 is the software of choice for Dynasty, Philadelphia Americans, Infamous, Russian Legion, and Doc’s Raiders.

Dynabots' Mainframe computer chip
Dynabots' Mainframe computer chip
Tadao Technologies will be attending the Myrtle Beach CFOA with The Matrix Center and the Pittsburgh PSP with Angry Paintball . The entire Tadao product line will be available at both events, including the new M7 THump and M5 Dynasty boards. FREE Musashi 5 upgrades will be available for current owners of Dynasty Shocker/Nerve boards, Infamous Alias Intimidator boards, Musashi 3 flashed Proto Matrix boards, any aftermarket DM4/5/C chips, and any Tadao 3.0, 4.0, or 5.0 Matrix board.

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