Code 242 contends to make balling cheaper

Code 242 contends to make balling cheaper

Another option to make your paintballing experience cheaper!

We thought that this was such a great story, that we would rerun it for those that missed it on premier run.

There is a battery company  that is now in the paintball foray: Code 242. By now most of you all know that the Halo B/ Reloader B loaders are capable of running on 9 volt batteries. Code 242 offers a great new option to lighten up the weight of the overall loader and to make paintballing cheaper with their new battery kit. Their kit retails for only $24.99. The kit includes two 9.6 220 mah Fuel Source batteries, charger, and clip for Halo B/ Reloader B loaders.

For $25 this kit is a steal. I know personally, I have used rechargeable 9 volts in my Halo/Reloader B for a couple of years now. I can’t even imagine how much money that I have saved over that time. The products from Code 242 are remarkable. The battery clip is well made and the 9 volt tabs click in and out snug enough to keep the batteries in check. I have had the Code 242 kit for about a month now and the charger is nice and convenient as well as the battery clip.

The performance of the Fuel Source batteries is on par with any rechargeable that I have used in the past. I got 10 cases out of a single charge before I noticed a loss of feed rate. Consider this, most convenience stores charge up to $5 per 9 volt. Thats 5 9 volts for the price of this great product.  You can only imagine how much this will save you over the long haul.

I got a chance to sit with Michael Gilbert of Code 242 to ask him why we should consider their products.

PBC: How did Code 242 come to be?

Michael: It started with my 2 partners (my brothers). I knew one of them from Worr Games and when I quit there they asked me if I wanted to go into business with them.

PBC: You quit your job from WGP?

Michael: Yeah I was a sales rep there for 2 1/2 years. I left Worr Games in February.

PBC: Cool went out on your own, how long have you been playing?

Michael: 12 years. playing with teams including Farside and Brass Eagle: All Stars.

PBC: I’m sure you have known about the so called "9 volt" mod.... what makes you think that the ballers out there need your product over their ghetto 9 volt wire tabs with duct tape?

Michael: Ours are cleaner, simpler, and it’s cheap enough to make it worth while. The player isn't going to have to worry about wires coming loose or having to make sure the wires are in the exact position to work.

PBC: Yeah that’s true... I’m sure there are some out there that have burnt out their circuit board by not wiring their stuff correctly, but the Code 242 tab is amazing.

Michael: That’s what everyone has said about this clip, its so easy people just didn't think it could be that easy. We sell the clip alone for only $6!

PBC: Are there any teams that use your products now?

Michael: Not so much teams. We are working on Dynasty and Infamous right now, hopefully we will have something worked out soon before the next PSP, and those are the teams we have really focused on. As soon as we get them we will be focusing on all the other teams out there. We have had some friends using them. We have had one guy testing our batteries that works at Worr Games and plays on LA Hitmen; he played 2 weekends with a Halo before he had to charge them that was about 13 cases!

PBC: These batteries are NIMH and don't need to be drained before recharging correct?

Michael: Correct, also, it is best to use an overnight charger for most of your charging, the fast chargers actually take away from the amount of charges you can do. That’s with any rechargeable battery.

PBC: Man, only $25 this is a great and affordable kit. Where can we get them?

Michael: For now, by direct order. Our site isn’t up yet but will be soon. People can purchase by calling 619-303-7939 or via email Store and Field owners, we also do wholesaling.

PBC: So will Code 242 be sponsoring your awesome kit to other teams?

Michael: We are looking into it and welcome established teams to email us their resumes.

PBC: Thanks for your time Mike and good luck with your new company.

Michael: No problem, anytime.

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