Introducing the Naughty Dog FS!

Introducing the Naughty Dog FS!

Showin' off the gun!
Introducing the Naughty Dog FS! This is ICD’s newest marker, it features a sleek new bolt design that is simple but yet effective. The bolt is so simple that it only uses 3 dynamic seals. The Naughty Dog FS shoots super fast and the bolt is still gentle enough for brittle paint.


Quite a popular marker already!
Maintenance is very simple the bolt is one unit and breaks down in seconds. There are only 3 areas that need lube, then you slap it together and you’re ready for action.

The Naughty Dog FS features:

• New Sleek Body Design
• Longer HPR
• New smaller LPR (same adjuster as the HPR)
• Hi efficiency bolt system
• Clam shell grip frame
• Naughty Dogs exclusive trigger
• Latest software with new eye logic

Another look at a sweet marker
The Naughty Dog FS has insane rates of fire, it will shoot as fast as your hopper will feed it. We have achieved rates of fire over 18 balls per second. The Dogs FS shoots very straight, the trajectory is VERY flat and caries the ball out there! It has ball on ball accuracy.

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