New Spyder TL-X

New Spyder TL-X

Tacoma, WA.
by Young "Not Bea" Choi

Kingman Spyder TL-X
Kingman, the manufacturers of the oh so popular Spyder line are still at it and going strong. I honestly feel that Kingman was the first company to roll out a new marker each year. Their lineup has grown and is as popular as ever. Just ask any paintball dealer, I bet they will say that the Kingman Spyder is one of the most sold brand of markers. was fortunate enough to get two of the new 2004 lineup, the Spyder TL-X and the Spyder Pilot (reviewed tomorrow). As a side note, the people at Kingman have finally realized that we wanted a marker that didn't look like two tubes stacked on top of each other. The newer markers coming from Kingman offer a sleeker and more distinct milling job. Finally great looks to go along with great performance.

TL-X cocking knob milling
The Spyder TL-X is a mechanical blow-back marker with vertical feed, Aluminum 45 frame with double trigger, top cocking knob, drop-forward with ASA, low pressure chamber, gas-thru grip, and 12 inch barrel. I am to assume that the TL-X is the replacement model for the popular Spyder TL-Plus. I bet most of you remember that gem. The milling on the TL-X is solid with no burrs. I like the saddle look on top of the TL-X.

The Extras

Gas through grip
The bolt has a venturi face, as it has been for years. If it works, why mess with it?

The newer style ball detent is much better than the older rubber nubbins. I cannot foresee anyone needing to replace the new style ball detent… ever.

Trigger frame
The 45 frame is made of aluminum. The trigger guard is enlarged so that even if the most beefiest of fingers can get in there. The grips are hard rubber, as a matter of comfort and performance, I would replace them with either Smart Parts Gel grips or Dye Stickys.

TL-X Drop Forward
The Drop Forward is of the new design that first debuted on the Spyder Rodeo. It drops down an inch and a half and forward an inch. With a 20 oz tank or a 68 bottle, this drop makes the tank comfortable to shoulder.

I do have to admit, the honing job on the stock barrels is very smooth and of good quality. The performance is good with an eight inch grouping at 90 feet.


The TL-X MSRP's at $139.95. For the money, I honestly feel you get more than your money's worth. Not to mention if you looked around, I'm really positive that you'll find it a whole lot less online and even at your local retail store.

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