Hundredth Monkey's Protective Lid

Hundredth Monkey's Protective Lid

Tacoma, Wa.
by Young Choi

Hundredth Monkey came out under the radar till the NPPL Super Seven Circuit, XPSL Circuit, and B’Real’s paintball team (Stoned Assassins) came to make Hundredth Monkey more than just a name.

Hundredth Monkey’s flag ship product is the Turtle Cap. All the NPPL and XPSL referees are wearing them, the design of the Turtle Cap is so simple makes me wonder why it didn’t come out long before.

“Due to a void in head protection, and a head injury received from a ref that was goofing off, Hundredth Monkey developed Turtle Cap headgear," explains their web site. "Pete Esqueda, Hundredth Monkey designer who has been involved in this sport for 16 years, had the foresight (and headaches) to create protective head gear that paintball players needed."

The Cap
"Let's face it, paintball markers can be dangerous in the wrong hands. After being eliminated, players may play on and bunker others at close range. Eliminated players exiting the field of play many times receive extra hits. Front players trying out new back players are sometimes left alone to be bunkered. There are millions of other situations that we feel warrant the need for protective headgear. Hundredth Monkey is here to fill that void.” NPPL President Chuck Hendsch said, "The New Turtle Cap referee caps designed by Hundredth Monkey for the NPPL Super 7 referees are incredible. Not only do they look good and match our ref uniforms they more importantly protect our referees heads. The independent NPPL Pro Referee Program has been a tremendous success this year and we gladly welcome the Hundredth Monkey Turtle Caps as the Official NPPL Super 7 Referee Headgear."

Extra Protection
Built Right In!
The Turtle Cap is very well ventilated with 12 air inlets to allow air in and out of the cap. Underneath is a large mesh to allow air to circulate on those hot, humid, and scorching days. The top of the Turtle Cap is a press foam type material that allows a quarter of an inch protective space to your skull. This means that the impact of the ball (even at uber close barrel to head bunkermatic actions) will not impact your head. The bill/visor is a hard plastic material. You can wear the Turtle Cap backwards to protect the back of your neck or forward to keep the sun out of your face (for you visorless ballas.)

Breeze came back from a tournament and threw me a Turtle Cap to try out. The first thing that I wondered was if it was even legal to use in tournaments. The protective padding is soft and non-rigid. I imagined that bounces could occur. Last weekend when we played against each other my suspicions were confirmed. I came out and did a perfect snapshot just to have it bounce straight up off his head. I felt robbed, but the weekend before when I wore the Turtle Cap I had numerous bounces off of the cap. So I guess it breaks even. The HM website clearly states that the Snowboarding cap that they sell is not tournament legal, however, the Turtle cap is!

The Turtle Cap MSRP’s for $35. Hundredth Monkey also sells other products like the Snow Cap, t-shirts, and hoodies for snow boarding. The Turtle Cap is a great buy for anyone that is sick and tired of the lumpings that they take at the field. For the poor balla that is the “bunker dummy” for team drills will appreciate the Turtle Cap as well. Check out there website

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