Spyder Cup 2001 the Final Day

Spyder Cup 2001 the Final Day

Spyder Cup 2001 - 3 Rivers Paintball, Pittsburgh
By Blake
Photos by Breeze

The day started with 16 teams; JT Warp Kids, Dumping Zone, No Clue, Rapid Fire, Illusion, Team Eclipse, No Limit, Rough-N- Ready(Blue), Nemesis - Dye, Dejavu, Nasty, Check-it Players, Nemesis - KAPP, Nauty Dogs, Check Yourself and OverKill - MD.

By 11am only 8 teams remained and were seeded as follows:

1st Seed - Nasty
2nd Seed - OverKill - MD
3rd Seed - Team Eclipse
4th Seed - Nemesis - KAPP
5th Seed - JT Warp Kids
6th Seed - Nemesis - Dye
7th Seed - Rapid Fire
8th Seed - No Limit

They then divided these into 2 round robin divisions A and B. The top two teams out of each division would make it to the semi- finals. The top 2 teams in the semi-finals would play in the finals and the winner of a best of 3 series would take home 5 new Mitsubishi Eclipse Convertible Spyders.

Michael Eanes, OverKill - MD
“It all comes down to luck,” Michael Eanes, Captain of OverKill - MD, explained after hearing his team made the great 8, “I think we’re good enough to take first.”

Going for the flag
Just after our chat Michael sprinted up field on the break against Team Eclipse, gathered the flag and lead his team to victory.
Eclipse giving all they got
Team Eclipse wasn’t the same after the demoralising blow and dropped the next 2 straight securing the 8th place title and $2,380 worth of prizes.

“Who are you? Rapid Fire!! Who are you? Rapid Fire!!” The chant bellowed from the lower Ultimate Air field as Rapid Fire got ready to test their skills against Nemesis - Dye. It seamed to work too. Their Front- man sprinted to the flag on the break and got the pull. Unfortunately he got eliminated shortly after along with their hopes for a first place prise.

Nemesis-DYE on the break
“We’re just here to win everything”, joked Mike Skiba of Nemesis as he walked off the field. Rapid Fire took 7th and walked away with $3,330 worth of goodies.

Next up was JT Warped Kids vs. No Limit. The Warped Kids came into today as the number 1 rated team scoring 680 points out of 700 yesterday but there was something wrong today.

Warped front gets up close and personal 
with No Limit
They just didn’t play with the same vigour and got their game handed to them. After pulling the flag first against No Limit they were quickly eliminated. The JT Warp Kids finished 6th and took home $4,100 of cool stuff.

As for No Limit they were a great story to watch. Basically they all had Spyders that were “built from scratch” as team captain Richie Nielsen described it. They were on an incredible win streak on the Lower Ultimate Air field. “We haven’t lost this field yet” commented back-player Terry Damsch. Their first game today was a draw against Nemesis - KAPP.

Nasty pushes No LimitNasty bunkers the last man2 seconds to late
No Limit got the pull and was awarded another win. However in their final match against Nasty, they lost the race for the flag pull and slowly had all 5 players eliminated. So slowly in fact that Nasty’s sprint to hang the flag came up 5 feet too short as time expired. No Limit celebrated the hold with high five’s and cheers unfortunately it was only enough to win them 5th place and a prize package worth $5,222.

The finals were set. OverKill would face Nemesis - Dye

OverKill front manNemesis - DYE on the break
and Nasty would take aim at Nemesis - KAPP.
Nasty holds their ownNemesis - KAPP on the break
After all the players where chrono'd in and had their ID checked
Bill, the ULTIMATE JUDGE, checks ID 
before the big games
the first game began. These games were single elimination. If you win you advance to the finals. If you lose you play for 3rd place.

The ref shouted Go!

OverKill breaks for the flag
and Michael of OverKill did what he always does, sprinted up the middle for the quick flag pull, but the flag was already gone.
OverKill is too late
In almost a fit of rage Overkill sucked it up and showed skill nobody thought they had. They routed Nemesis - Dye bunkering their last player and hanging the flag.

“It feels great! It’s kinda like a Cinderella story.” TJ Derlunas explained to a reporter as he left the field.

“They’re playing head and shoulders above how they normally play,” said friend and Nasty Front-man Danny Lam, “they’re playing great.” Nasty and OverKill both come from Paintball Adventure Park in Maryland.

OverKill - MD
OverKill however is made up of three Rec. Players, Michael Eans (Centre and team captain), James Fogerty (Front-man) and Jason Putman (Front-man). They picked up two amateurs off Adrenaline for this tournament, TJ Derlunas (Back ), and Richie Veit (Back).

In the second game of the Semi-finals Nemesis - KAPP took on Nasty. The word was given and off they went. Nemesis got the flag and headed into a defensive stance. Nasty exchanged players eliminating KAPP’s flag carrier and losing their own front- man. Then everyone seamed to dig in. Time clicked by and the game was up.

“It feels good, we got the flag and held”

Another pull for Nemesis - KAPPNasty get boxed in on their end
said team captain Ronnie Howell and Nemesis - KAPP was headed to the Finals to face the “Cinderella story” OverKill – MD.

Nasty gets the flag
The final game before the 3 game series for the cars was for third and forth place. It was Nasty against Nemesis – Dye. And both teams weren’t taking this lightly. Nasty got the pull and pushed Dye back bunkering their last man while hanging the flag. Nasty took third winning $7,420 worth of stuff including 5 Electronic scooters. Plus Raven gave them $5,000 cash for wearing Raven gear throughout the tournament.
OverKill on the break
Nemesis – Dye took forth place and took home $6,500 worth of gear and 5 digital cameras.

It was time for the big event. A crowd gathered and the ref. gave the signal. Both teams’ centre-men dashed for the flag only to be outted before they made it.

Nemesis - KAPP player driving for the 
flag pull
4 on 4. KAPP sent another Front-man to the flag and grabbed it, OverKill sent another as well but he didn’t make it in time. The Back players got into the game and took out all of OverKill but James who now sat alone at the centre triangle. KAPPs last two players charged forward in an attempt to bunker the little guy but he would have none of that leading the first runner and quickly switching to the second. Both were cleanly out but James also took hits. The Judges felt that James had traded hits with the first Nemesis player and cleaned off the last opposing player. He quickly grabbed the flag and hung it. The Crowd went whiled with boos, calling out “Way to go OverKill!” “Way to play Kid!!”.

Game 1 to Nemesis – KAPP.

Nemesis - KAPP gets the pull again
Game 2 started almost the same with Nemesis again getting the pull. The crowd, now totally against Nemesis, booed loudly and OverKill responded.
OverKill on the way to tie it up
They pushed to the flag eliminating everything in a red jersey only losing one of their own and hung the flag. the crowd erupted.

“We’re just having fun now,” TJ explained as he tried to catch his breath, “If we lose I’ll cry.”

Game 2 to OverKill – MD.

Once again, KAPP gets the pullThe flag carrier bumps upGame over. Next stop, the carsThe agony of defeat
Game three got under way and Nemesis turned it up a notch. It seams that the three rec. players from Maryland finally found their match. Nemesis got the pull and the hang totally eliminating Overkill. OverKill does go home with $10,900 worth of prizes, including 5 45 inch big screen TV's.

Game 3 to Nemesis – KAPP.

Splash downYeah BABY!!
Gratz Nemesis – KAPP on your championship and 5 new rides. Nemesis - KAPP takes home a total package worth $117,665! Including 5 Mitsubishi Eclipse convertible spyders, 5 Raven back packs and 5 Raven goggles.

Special thanks go out to Arthur & Tina Chang and all of Kingman for a well run tournament and 3 wonderful days of paintball. If you have never been to the Spyder Cup you may want to give it a shot next year. We would also like to thank the Kinko’s in Cranberry and in particular, the late late shift stud, John Burris. We spent all of our nights there until at least 3 am getting this info to the players and he was a great spokesman for your company.

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