The Improved Max-Flo System

The Improved Max-Flo System

Tacoma, Wa.
by Brian Reed, Team Turbulence

The Old and Bulky Reg
At times in all our playing lives we look at a product and can just tell it can be better. Sure the product works great, and is easy to use, but there is just something about it that needs some redesign. That is exactly what I thought when I bought my first Smart Parts Impulse. The bottom Max-Flo regulator was great, it worked perfect, easy to service, and easy to adjust. Then they came out with a newer one that had a better adjustment lock a couple years later, but they did not go far enough to make it a new offering. In 2004 they finally made all the design changes I would have. It is completely changed and I think it is for the better.

Here is a quick list of features that I think are cool. First and foremost the thing has shrunk in size by almost half, and it is all inline, no more of the over/under bulky mess. Second having the two gauges, one for the pressure of the tank, and the other is the output on the regulator. They are the small gauges that are easy to read, and the quality is good. Third is the adjustment knob. It is easy to use and easy to lock in place with a simple hex wrench, and it is now much smaller. Fourth is the nice rubber cover for the fill nipple. What more can I say, I like it, and now want one for every one of my tanks. Lastly is the super cool, on/off switch. It does not get much slicker then this simple valve. The new Max-Flo is a high out-put pressure only regulator. So please don’t try to uni-reg your new Shocker or Impulse with it.

The New Reg
When I put it on one of my tanks it looked great, and let’s face it the better the look the better the product. I like that they made the input stem extra long so it will fit any tank. It assembled easily and quickly and was on my gun within 10 minutes. The new Max-Flo has the common dove-tail mount that is becoming the standard for most adjustable systems out there now.

Now I put it on my 2003 shocker which already has the new vertical Max-flo so I was using it as a way to lower the input pressure to my primary reg. Not exactly sure why but I hoped that it would increase air efficiency. It did not, but that is ok, my wishful thinking and not the fault of the product.

The New Reg
I initially set the output pressure to 450 psi and went to the chrono. It worked great, but when the balls per second really started to rip I could see that the velocity started to drop. I raised the pressure to 480psi and that solved the problem. It was so nice to have a product that when you make a small adjustment that it is precision enough and high quality enough to respond to such little movement.

I used this setup for an entire tournament and a few practices and all has been well. I even tested the gauge reading with several fill stations and it is dead on. It is nice to know that what your gauges say is actually what is in the tank. Then we have all seen the dancing needle when we fire our gun that shows the drop in pressure each shot, well while there is a little movement, it is almost unnoticeable. That tells me that the regulated airflow through this thing is spot on and consistent.

So like I said at the beginning of this writing, sometimes you and I see a need right away and wish that we could change a product, well in this case we did not have to because Smart Parts beat us to the punch.

The new Max-Flo can be bought separately for $300 and with a tank for $425. The Max-Flo is world renowned for its consistency and the legacy shall go on. To get yours visit or call them direct at 1-800-992-2147.

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