Femmes Fatales Tryouts!

Femmes Fatales Tryouts!

by Bea Youngs

Tami Adamson

Many would say that the most popular female team in the world of paintball is, hands down, Femmes Fatale. Tami Adamson, owner and captain, and I have known each other since our junior high school days, and if you had told either one of us that we’d be hardcore paintball athletes one day, we probably would’ve looked at you and said you were crazy. But, 15 years later, the girls from Florida called the “Femmes Fatale” were born into paintball and it became the most popular female team in the world.

What was the reason for the quick rise in popularity? Some would say that it was because of the high standards of being “good-looking” or “hot” aided in gaining that recognition since some of the girls from the original roster made it to such national magazines like Maxim and Ramp magazine, but the playing skills were there to back it up. The looks are still present, and the team has progressively gotten better, but the only difference now is the girls on the team are coming from all across the country. It’s become the girl-team to be on if you want the recognition and a lot of the girls that are on the team now will tell you just that.

Extreme Rage
The team is expanding, and Tami Adamson is looking for a few new additions to this Femmes roster. The weekend of Dec. 12, tryouts will be held at ER Park in Fort Myers, Fla. I sat down with my good friend, 7-month pregnant Tami Adamson at her store, Extreme Rage, to talk about what to expect at the upcoming tryouts and why she’s having them.

Bea: Why have the tryouts? What’s the reason for the expansion?

Tami: We’re expanding to two teams this next year; one rookie for the Super 7 and one novice. We'll have the rookie and novice squads play in the PSP, as well. The PSP novice team will also play for the rookie team in the Super 7 (and that's legal by the way). Say someone from the novice team can’t make it to a tournament? We will have two alternates to fill the void, or simply pull from the rookie team.

Bea: How many girls will be on the roster of the Femmes for 2004?

Tami: Approximately 18-20 girls.

Bea: Are you going to eventually play XBALL?

Tami: We’re not going to play XBALL until the next World Cup (2004).

Femme Bea (2001)
Bea: Femmes has been a rookie/novice team since 2000. Why not advance to Amateur?

Tami: We made the change from rookie to novice in the PSP this year (2003). And we’re not going to move to Amateur until we’re ready, because like team strange, they didn’t go Amateur until the time was right, so we’re following the same concept.

Bea: What are the requirements for the girls on Femmes Fatale?

Tami: They have to have major gun skills and athleticism. You have to be able to battle with the best of them. For instance, Todd will be out there battling against the girls for tryouts. So if you fair well against Todd, you’ll make a good impression.

And, of course, looks does not hurt.

Keely Watson
Bea: Yeah, looks… some feel that the Femmes have set this “unnecessary standard” of having to be a good-looking female to play paintball. Any other new all-girl team have to compete with that. I know when you started the team, you told us that you wanted to have “bodacious babes that could ball” on this roster to bring extreme marketing value to the team, which I have no qualms about. What’s your response to your team having set that “unnecessary standard?”

Tami: In the beginning, it was a good idea and yes, it was very marketable.

Bea: And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Femm in a Net
Tami: And it’s obvious that the concept did work for us because of the support we’re getting from companies like Dye not to mention the exposure we got on a national level with Maxim, for instance. This is the way the team functions, and we also have the athleticism to back up looks. Having both only benefits us. It says a lot about the girls that can have both and the girls work hard at maintaining that image. Other female players and/or teams should embrace their feminine side, but they don’t have to follow our supposed “standard.” It shouldn’t be called an “unnecessary standard” either because we’re setting our OWN standard for ourselves. How other girl players/teams choose to market themselves is entirely up to them. This is just the way we choose to function. Our sponsors appreciate the concept, as well, and it allows us to maintain good support from them. It’s the truth.

Bea: Well, not only the women in the sport, but the men, need to get in better shape with the way that the sport is becoming more aggressive and requires people to be in better shape than in previous years.

Tami: Absolutely.

Bea: Why the current changes in the roster this past year?

Tami: A lot of the girls that have left didn’t take it as seriously as the ones that are still playing. They had other priorities that led them to be at home more for their families (children), their full-time jobs wouldn’t allow them to take off as much, or it became unaffordable.

Bea: Who’s returning from last year’s roster?

Tami: Charity Nunn will be with us through March, if Roland allows her! (She smiles.) She’s pregnant (Congratulations to Roland and Charity) who is due in June, around the PSP Chicago event. She’ll hopefully be back with us by Orlando World Cup 2004. Faith is going to culinary school to become a better chef.

Bea: The Femmes played the Super 7 for the first time in Miami and I noticed that the team had an entirely new roster practically.

Tami: They were girls I had to pick up at the last minute so all, except for Natalie Hadjis, were not from the official roster. I couldn’t play (she’s pregnant!), Keely couldn’t play because of her Amateur status, and I picked up two girls the week before because the girls from the official roster couldn’t make it. I even picked up one of them at the Miami event the day we walked fields.

Tami Adamson
Bea: Once the girls make it on the team, how often will practices be in 2004?

Tami: Ideally, once a month, especially two weeks before every tournament, which is mandatory. Unless I can get a practice setup to go to another place other than here, we’ll be practicing in Fla. We’ve got really good teams to practice against here in Fla., like Underworld, Static, a ton of teams from Miami and Doc’s Raiders would come down, for instance.

Bea: Some believe that the girls on the Femmes are on a full-ride, is this true?

Tami: Not on a full-ride, absolutely not. The only thing we get for free is our gear. We have to pay for our entry, and Todd and I usually try to take care of it, but we can’t do it all the time because of our family obligations at times.

Bea: What are the girls responsible for?

Tami: Almost everything else except the gear, paint, and the entry, at times. The girls have to take care of their own airfare to and from practice as well as to and from tournaments. Also, they have to pay a portion of the car rental, and hotel cost, and then they are responsible for their cost of food at both practices and tournaments. I have made it very clear to everyone that if you’re coming here to get a full-ride, go somewhere else because it’s not here. Everyone thinks that it is true, and I wish, and I am working on it, but like it’s been since the inception of the team, the girls have to share in the cost.

Playing on an all-girl team will definitely assist you in getting to the level of recognition, if that’s what you are looking for. I started out playing with my friends on the original squad and moved to California in 2001 to work for JT USA. If I didn’t have the connection and friendship that I had with Tami and Todd Adamson, those doors probably wouldn’t have been available. Of course ambition, motivation, experience, education and the ability to continue the relationships created from the initial introduction also has a lot to do with your success, but I am sure that most of you are looking for your “big break,” so to speak, and starting out on a team like the Femmes with Tami will be a good way to get that start you need. What you do with that introduction and how well you nurture those relationships will determine your final outcome as a successful paintball female athlete.

Tami's Store
Want to know more about the upcoming tryouts with the Femmes Fatale aka “The Original Paintball Babes?” Click here to go to my Web site at www.BeaYoungs.com for information on where to fly into, where to stay, and how to get in touch with Tami Adamson at Extreme Rage… or you can get in touch with me, and I will get you connected. Good luck to the girls trying out!

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