Focused on Paintball

Focused on Paintball

Tacoma, WA
by Tolena Mahlum

Shatner's SPPLAT Attack
“Focused TV, for over a year, now has made an internal commitment to have paintball televised as a regular scheduled series show airing in primetime slots on national television,” said Brian McKown of Focused TV Productions. “With media and sponsors’ support we can make that happen.”

Last year, Focused TV Productions brought the sport of paintball to millions of television viewers. After their showing of the PSP 2002 World Cup was so successful, Focused TV has decided to bring paintball back to the mainstream TV audience with what they are calling Operation Paintball.

The Calvary
“Our objective has been to take the sport of paintball and place it in front of millions of television viewers on a national scale,” said Mike McKown, President of Focused TV. “Last year’s airing from the 2002 PSP World Cup was a success for paintball and everyone involved.”

Based on the success of the 2002 World Cup, McKown has managed to obtain exclusive television and home video rights to William Shatner’s SPPLAT Attack II and the 2003 PSP World Cup 5-man and 10-man events. According to McKown, these events will be produced as three one-hour specials for both TV and video.

“We obtained exclusive rights [for TV and video] through the known relationship Focused TV has with the Networks,” said Brian. “Also the working relationships we have built with Jerry Braun, PSP and the paintball industry starting from last year’s success.”

The Outdoor Life Network, OLN, will be airing the events multiple times in November, December and January. OLN is seen by more than 50 million households, which should bring increased exposure to paintball.

“More and more TV shows are featuring paintball,” said Bea Youngs, paintball player and ambassador. Youngs had appeared on an episode of TLC’s Junkyard Wars last year when they were creating paintball tanks.

Bront Leads
OLN features the lumberjack championships, hunting, fishing, mountain biking and the pro-rodeo circuit, so paintball would be in good company with the other outdoor sports. According to Brian, the OLN was so impressed with the Neilson ratings that paintball brought, they replayed the segment several times.

The OLN has not yet accommodated paintball on their Web site,, however McKown said that we can expect those changes sooner than later.

“I can tell you that these shows will have weekend primetime airings with repeats during the week,” said Brian. “First show from SPPLATT attack II will air in Nov., 5- man World Cup will air in Dec., and 10-man will air in Jan."

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