No More Wasting Paint with the Paintball Jug

No More Wasting Paint with the Paintball Jug

Tacoma, Washington
Ron "Hercules" Talcott

The Paintball Jug
Every paintball player develops his or her own method of transferring paintballs from the case box/baggies to their hopper or pods. As a newbie paintball player, I have been frustrated with the number of paintballs which disappear into the dirt, roll down the table through something “nasty”, find a hiding place in and under the seat of my truck or just seemingly disappear before I can take advantage of their designed use. Paint “ain’t” cheap! And even though I have a full time job, I don’t like to see it wasted. I have had numerous experienced players demonstrate their approved method, but all those methods seem to have a percentage of wastefulness.

I took a Paintball Jug out for a trial run when I was breaking in my new Smart Parts Impulse. I found The Paintball Jug easy to load out of the “zip lock“ baggies. The loading mouth is almost 4 inches in diameter and the screw on top is easy to secure.
Fits into Loader
I found the loading “nozzle” easy to fit into a pod or my hopper. Like a “snap closed” hopper top, the nozzle has to be verified “closed” or it will spill paint unwittingly. The plastic strap hinge does not guarantee that the nozzle closure fits without looking closely. With a little attention and practice, you can get it snapped closed without worry of spilling that valuable paint when you least expect it.

Easy Load Mechanism
I only used The Paintball Jug for a couple of hours, so I don’t know how long you can expect it to last. The only visible concern is the “plastic weld” that holds the nozzle on the jug. The Paintball Jug website says that a new molded product will available near the end of 2003 and that might end my only concern about the longevity of the product.

Provides Protection
Living in Tacoma, Washington with its vaunted rainfall, I like the protection the jug offers from the elements. It is clear, so you can see the color of the paint if you have several to choose from. Of course, you can’t leave it out in the sunshine and expect your paint to maintain it’s diameter all day. But with the same thoughtful planning you use to protect your paint in baggies or boxes, the jug should do the same trick for you. The jug’s rigid construction provides protection from physical damage to your paint that baggies can’t offer.

The jug easily held a half a case of paint (about 1000 balls) as advertised. The molded handle makes it easier to manage than a box when you are carrying your equipment.

Save Paint
According to, you can get two jugs for $28.71 plus $5.75 shipping during a current 10% sale, a total of $34.46, one half the cost of a case of most paint. If you are from California, add sales tax. If you pay $70 a case for paint, play often and spill enough, a couple of jugs will pay for themselves quickly. When you order, let them know you read about The Paintball Jug on

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