Hoopsters play ball, paintball
JaVale McGee, Nick Young, and Gilbert Arenas play paintball at Hollywood Sports.    [Read more...]

Hoopsters play ball, paintball

Hoopsters play ball, paintballShoot deer in Ohio?Millennium Series Chantilly TeaserSaints take aim at each other
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Gear Spotlight Image

Gear: New Magfed Tactical Compact Rifle

Posted: 3 months - Tippmann rolls out a new compact magfed paintball gun for 2014. The TCR gives a unique look and feel to their world class line. Read More...

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How-to Image

How-to: 8 Simple Rules for New Paintballers

Posted: about a year - There's a couple of things that every paintball player should know, and we've made it easy for you to learn what those are. Read More...

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G.I. Sportz Buys Tippmann

Industry: G.I. Sportz Buys Tippmann

Posted: 9 months - Long time heavy hitter Richmond Italia announces today that G.I. Sportz goes big and grabs up Tippmann. Read More...

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Recon Image

Recon: Woodsball Domination

Posted: about a year - Our all-in-one guide to mastering the art of playing in the woods. Read More...

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Living it

Living it: Saints take aim at each other

Posted: 3 months - Renewing a paintball tradition, the New Orlean Saints spend a day out on the paintball field. Read More...

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