Dye DM4


MFG Review: The DM4 has been born. Created and developed by a unique team of paintball’s finest athletes and engineers. Every detail has been carefully formulated and prepared to the exacting standards of DYE. The DM4 not only embodies the very idea of paintball gun perfection, it also shatters the boundaries of 3-D body sculpting. Under a literal choreography of drillbits, metal and coolant, our CNC machines have carved and shaved the most stylistically innovative paintball gun available. You want fast? The DM4 houses unprecedented electronic control and is limited only to the speed of your hopper. Utilizing cutting-edge technical achievements coupled with superior elegance in design and function, the DM4 symbolizes the momentum, quality and perfection that is DYE. 01 Matching DYE Ultralite™ barrel 02 Integrated on/off air supply 03 Hyper2 in-line air regulator 04 Internal anti-chop eye sensing system 05 170 psi operating pressure 06 Continuous three dimensional contoured body design 07 Adjustable trigger sensitivity 08 Light weight compact body 09 DM4 Sticky3 grip 10 High intensity LED program control 11 Ergonomic 45 grip frame 12 Removable one piece component bolt system 13 Internal modular LPR

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