Dye E.Carter Custom


MFG Review: Earon Carter custom Buzzard and Comp stock guns are simply the best there is. These guns are considered to be collector’s items, built per order, one at a time, by the world-renown Earon himself. If you are a serious stock player and want the very best, then this is the gun for you. The demand for these works of art far exceeds the production amount, so expect a 3 month waiting period. Buzzards come standard with deluxe horizontal feed tube, aluminum double-sided pump, stainless steel DYE barrel, 45 trigger frame, vertical CO2 chamber, stainless steel receiver and adjustable velocity.Black, clear, royal blue, cobalt blue. Earon’s Comp comes complete with a 45 degree direct feed stainless steel receiver, a DYE stainless barrel and an adjustable velocity bolt. 45 trigger frame and vertical Co2 chamber are standard. This is truly the ultimate in direct feed stock guns. Black, clear, cobalt blue.

PaintBall.com Review: Not yet reviewed.