Dye Matrix


MFG Review: We’ve taken the standard LCD Matrix and made it better. Cross beam eyes are now standard. You’ll never have to worry about chopping paint again. Low operating pressure of 175psi input. ROF capabilities are limited only by the speed of your hopper. Features: 01 Micro-honed straight porting barrel 02 DYE Matrix Rocket regulator 03 DYE Hyper2 inline regulator 04 Double ball detent 05 DYE Anti-chop eye system 06 Fully adjustable double trigger 07 Lightened main body 08 DYE Matrix bolt assembly 09 Custom machined breech knob 10 Multi-function LCD display with adjustable contrast, forward/back pulses, temperature read out, ROF, trip shot counter and game timer.

PaintBall.com Review: Not yet reviewed.