Trracer S/A


MFG Review: The Trracer s/a take advantage of the latest hi tech materials. This marker is made almost entirely of a custom aerospace polymer. Although from just a few feet away you cant tell its not metal, but in your hand you can tell it is not your basic plastic. This marker comes stock with many high end features found on tournament proven markers. First it has a very comfortable .45 double trigger frame, and the trigger pull is a very light and short 2 1/2lbs. The rotary safety lock witch is conveniently located for one handed operation, actually disengages the trigger. The adjustable sight suites it purposes well, but it also comes with a standard sight rail to upgrade.The rotary switch at the back end of theTrracer s/a releases the elliptic lock that lets you field strip without tools. This allows you to pull out the bolt and hammer assembly in one piece, very handy on the field. Speaking of the bolt it has a flush cocking design, this is the hottest new feature in bolt designs.Barrel is ported at the end. Review: Not yet reviewed.