Hellfire Pro

MFG: Draxxus

MFG Review: HELLFIRE™ PRO - ORIGINAL "LAVA" HellFire PRO "LAVA" has rocked Pro Tournament ball since it’s creation in '98. FILLS: Original HellFire PRO "LAVA" fill is a cheater’s nightmare: absolutely impossible to wipe, but the ingredients that make the neon orange color look “electric” cost a mint. BANNED? "Staining" fills may be outlawed from some leagues… SHELLS: Original HellFire PRO "LAVA" shells are as Brittle as Hell, to get consistent breaks on loose jersey fabric, long hair, and fat-bellied "Shock" players. "HellFire PRO" REQUIRES VERY LOW-PRESSURE gun setups !!! As gun rates-of-fire have steadily increased, many super-fast shooters have demanded more shell durability. Result: HellFire MAGMA was born… PACKAGE: “BriefCase” 2000-round Tournament

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