SIM-4 R.I.S. Elite

MFG: ArmoTech

MFG Review: The new SIM™-4 represents the next level in scenario play. The SIM™-4 features even more compatibility with accessories and aftermarket parts. For example the barrel is now standard industry threaded which means you now have a virtually unlimited choice of barrel options. In addition the new two piece body design allows for conversion between the SIM™-4 and upcoming models meaning you won't have to buy whole new marker to change the look drastically. On top of all these features we have cranked up our quality control procedures. Each marker is fired and thoroughly tested prior to leaving our facility to ensure that it meets the highest quality and safety standards. You receive a marker ready to go right out of the box, so get ready to dominate!

The SIM-4 RIS Elite is a fully loaded ready to go paintballing machine. We combined the features of the SIM-4 Elite and RIS into one monster marker. In addition to the Scope, Laser, and Elite rail, it features a Universal Rail Interface System based on the same system used by the US military. This allows you almost limitless accessory possibilities. The front hand guard has four such rails ready to accept flashlights lasers, rangefinders, scopes, GPS and communication devices just to name a few. Pretty much any quality firearm accessory you can think of mounts on this system. If you are looking for the absolute top of the line this is your choice. Review: Not yet reviewed.