VForce Shield

MFG: Draxxus

MFG Review: RecBall, Big Games, Scenarios, or Tourneys, VForce Shield delivers the Industry's very best optical clarity, unmatched protection, superb comfort and security. VForce's Spherical Lens achieved superior optics-test lab results, exceeding every other brand!! ThermoCured VForce Anti-Fog Lens for hard play, all day, all night.

« Spherical Lens with durable double-coated ThermoCured Anti-Fog
« Long-lasting HardCoat Anti-Scratch coating
« Quick-Change lens replacement system: change to tinted lens in 5 seconds*
« Max AirFlow Volume Chamber for superior ventilation
« Comfort-foam & Bio-Fit frame for superior absorbency and comfort
« Low profile rigid mask with pivoting throat guard
« Zero-slip Pro-Strap, flex visor and soft mask pouch
« Fits over most glasses!
« FREE Flex Visor shields sun, deflects paintballs

The VForce Shield is available in both retail and rental versions. The difference between each version is the rental VForce Shield comes equipped with closed cell foam.

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