National Paintball  


MFG: National Paintball

MFG Review: This gun is intense it has all the features you need. If the name is not a idea of how it would rip on your friends then you need to look at all the good stuff the gun has. - Adjustable dip switch panel - Semi, 3 Burst, and Full auto modes - Fore grip with expansion chamber - up to 13 shots per second - State of the art low pressure chamber - Quick disconect pin - Custom vertical feed port - Custom milling and anodizing - All new style ball detent - Rear velocity adjuster w/ tournament lock - Bottom line set-up - Custom double trigger system with electronic safety *** To top it off the gun has 4 speed settings for the different firing modes************* Slow burst, standard burst, Fast burst and Xtreme burst. Review: Not yet reviewed.