2003 Hybrid Pants


MFG Review: DYE has taken an unprecidented step in pant technology by introducing key elements in fit, comfort, and durability. The extended coverage knee section provides the player with the ultimate in durability, eliminatnig tearing at the joint. The knee area is constructed from high fiber-strength Cordura, a material designed to last. The waist size is self adjustable, with no belt needed and an overlapping sure-snap fly closure. Inner thigh panels are ventilated to keep you cool in the hottest of situations. The crotch area is constructed with elastic to allow you to hang low or swing high while making stunt man type maneuvers. The rear of the pant features a low back EVA foam molded section that cushions your harness for comfort and stability. The leg cuffs have adjustable ankle drawstring closures, while the side panels are sublimined with the no-fade DYE logo to show your style.

PaintBall.com Review: Not yet reviewed.