VL Talkin' Timer

MFG: Viewloader

MFG Review: Imagine if your game timer could actually tell you how much time you have left before your game ends. Meet the VL Talkin timer, which uses the voice of Viewloader spokesmodel Chelsea O’Brien to do just that! This device gives you CONTROL of your game time, and the best tournament teams know if you don't control the clock - you don't control the game.

The VL Talkin’ Timer features critical game time voice warnings, mute option for stealth play, a memory key for quick clock reset, and an game end auto shutoff feature to extend battery life. The VL Talkin’ Timer is designed to attach directly to the VL 9 Volt and 12 Volt Revolution Loaders for in your face and ear game play, for use with a lanyard or optional mask band mounting system. It comes complete with batteries, mounting screws and an exclusively designed VL lanyard. VL Talkin’ Timer - have time on your side. Review: This timer is top of the line. Includes loud, clear voice and quick memory options. It can attach directly to any of the VL Revolution hoppers, and comes with a lanyard so you can wear it around your neck or attach it to your tank. This is a great timer, highly recommended.