MFG: Draxxus

MFG Review: NEW HellFire is available only in the 2000-round StrongBox:
It’s pure HellFire, re-formulated for super-high rates of fire. Tested at 18+ rounds/sec, New Hellfire leaves the barrel intact and breaks on target, withstanding insanely fast rates of fire found in today’s electronic SuperGuns; (LCD Matrix™, ‘Timmy™, IR3 Angel™, X-Mag™, ORRacle™, New Impulse™, A5™, etc.)

FILLS: NEW HellFire’s heavy orange fill is intensely bright, with reduced staining*. “PSP & NPPL APPROVED”. Stay tuned for more “NEW HellFire Box” fill colors.

SHELLS: Brittle enough to get reliable breaks on impact, but just tough enough for rippin’ with electronic super-gun firing rates.

PACKAGE: “StrongBox” 2000-round DraXxuS 4x500 case

NEW HellFire is the Official Paintball of these DraXxuS-Sponsored NXL Teams: Miami Effect, L.A. Ironmen, Oakland Assassins, Baltimore Trauma, Philadelphia All Americans, New York Xtreme.

PaintBall.com Review: Not yet reviewed.