MFG: Draxxus

MFG Review: “DraXxuS Inferno” fuels some of the fastest guns in the Pro ranks, and many top Amateur Teams, thanks to affordable high-performance.

FILLS: Inferno's NEW heavyweight thick fill marks great without staining*. “PSP & NPPL APPROVED”

SHELLS:The metallic SpeedFeed™ shell endures the fastest cycle-rates that today's electronic triggers and motorized hoppers can reach, yet consistently breaks on impact. Slick SpeedFeed™ shell surface FEEDS FAST through electronic hoppers including “Revolutions™”, “Eggolutions™”, “HALOs™” and “Ricochets™”, without jamming or sticking like cheaper dull-shell brands.

PACKAGE: “StrongBox” 2000-round DraXxuS 4x500 case

PaintBall.com Review: Not yet reviewed.