Spectra Proteus Chameleon


MFG Review: Introducing CHAMELEON...the newest and most radical addition to paintball, the JT Chameleon series™ Proteus (patent pending) is a quantum leap in paintball technology. Advanced micro spectrum pigments have been created to change colors every time you move. This new Proteus™ will constantly evolve in a spectrum of color with every play you make. The backbone of this new Proteus™ is still our most innovative creation, designed for maximum protection with a minimal target zone. The JT Uni-body polymer mask features one of the lowest profiles on the market today. Engineered for maximum effectivemess for communication on the field, it incorporates unique audio capabilities and fog-resistant performance making this the most advanced goggle system available. A 260 degree field of view is provided by the Spectra™ lens, the most popular in paintball. Competing this incredible system is our new "Diamond Gloss" finish, giving you that unbelievable "wet look". JT, the ever changing face of paintball!

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