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Redz Flex-Tech 800

MFG: Redz Comfort Gear

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MFG Review: The Flex-Tech 800 is a four vertical pack with the famous “Flexible Technology” belt built right in. This pack includes new pouches with exposed tops for a quick way to drop empty pods back into the pouch. The Flex-Tech 800 now features a new comfort mesh pad that allows for breathable comfort and helps pack placement in the small of the back for a sleek profile. Of course, like all Redz gear, the Flex-Tech 800 is constructed using the best materials and is guaranteed against any manufacturing defects. The new Flex-Tech 800 holds four of any size pods and fits waist sizes 26 to 42. Comfortable performance at a terrific price! Review: Redz continues to dominate the market in ball haulers. The new Flex-Tech 800 is a comfortable and useful belt. For myself, it was too large for my body size and didn't feel as secure when I was wearing it as the Dimension Packs with the dual belt system. However, that had a lot to do with the fact that I am a small female and had to over strap the belt to make it tight. If you have a larger body frame, I expect that this belt would fit great!