Piranha EXT Pro G3


MFG Review: This tournament ready marker has many upgrades from the G2 series. This marker is really a combination of the G2 EXT and the G2 PSI, which has been phased out. This marker looks completely different than last years EXT. No more is it a plain splashed blue marker. There are four areas that have new milled cuts in the now vertical feed body, and has loads of chrome accents and parts. Also standard on the new EXT Pro G3 is a custom drop forward and a flush bolt cocking system. Something new in Paintball is also standard on the EXT Pro, a revolutionary clear PMI Razor barrel. This barrel is made of a high impact aerospace polycarbonate that has an ultra slick and hardened coating, and yes you can see the ball travel down the barrel. Last but not least it comes stock with a Pure Energy in line regulator with a 1500-psi micro gauge. These are very important features on this particular model because the flow rate on the Piranhas has been improved. Where this will be noticed the most is in cold weather and when trying to reach very low pressures. Here are a list of the air flow improvements 1. Apertures within the path of the CO2 to the valve have been enlarged. 2. A much thinner filter has replaced the thick dense ones. 3. A very high quality stainless steel turbo valve is stock now on this model. Some of these internal changes will start showing up in all the Piranha models, but for now only in the EXT Pro & the Pro TS. The EXT Pro will be available in black, blue, and a third color is due out this summer. Review: Not yet reviewed.