MFG Review: At DYE, we've continuously taken the extra steps to improve upon perfection. In creating the DM7, we turned to our development team of engineers, designers, and professional athletes to achieve this task. Once again, they did not disappoint. The DM7 is everything you want the best paintball marker in the world to be: small, light, fast, accurate and reliable. The DM7 is shorter and lighter than it's predecessors, giving you more control to take your game to the next level. To achieve the new smaller size and weight, we've completely rebuilt the LPR into a smaller package. The LPR and custom built solenoid work in harmony with the Fuseā„¢ bolt design to allow the marker to operate at an astounding 145 psi. The DM7 also features a new Lever Locking Feed Neck, revamped self cleaning eye system with new eye wires, and all new 3D body styling. All of these innovations, coupled with standard features like the Ultralite frame and 2 piece barrel, give perfection a new meaning.

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