MFG Review: It has always been a challenge to surpass perfection. At DYE we've continuously taken extra steps to achieve this task. We've turned to our development team of engineers, designers and professional atheletes to bring to you the world's most advanced paintball marker. We have decreased the overall size by nearly 1/2 an inch. The DM6 features our revolutionary new Ultralite 45 Frame. This new design incorporates an hour-glass shape allowing maximum control and comfort. The integrated heads-up display LED alerts you to the status of your marker without having to take your eyes off the game. A new Fuse bolt design, coupled with a smaller LPR and our custom built solenoid, allows the DM6 to operate at an astounding 145psi. Our external adjustable roller bearing trigger provides you with the most responsive and dynamic trigger available. All of these innovations, together with the standard features you come to expect from the DM series of markers, may just give perfection a new meaning.

PaintBall.com Review: Not yet reviewed.