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Hot Shot Reflex Sight

MFG: Adco

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facts: Review: Not yet reviewed.

MFG Review:

The first sight warranted(by the manufacturer) against damage due to Paintball play... Any damage. This sight looks something like an IMP, but it is bigger and tougher in every way. Durability is more obvious, field of view is increased, and mounting brackets are really strong. Meanwhile the power switch is something like the Champ. It has a low and high brightness as well as off. And best of all this comes at a very reasonable retail price. Specifications: Dot Size: 5 M.O.A.* Length: 4 3/8inches Weight: 2.2 ounces Magnification: None(1X) Eye Relief: Unlimited Power: 2032 3V Lithium (included) *M.O.A. Stands for Minute of Angle 1 M.O.A. covers 1 inch at 100 yards

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