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Sure Shot Red Dot Sight

MFG: Adco

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MFG Review:

A quality Electronic Reed Dot Sights with a Warranty against damage from paintball..No WAY.. not until ADCO introduced HOT SHOT. This rugged reflex sight has a warranty not only against manufacturing defects, but also against breakage from rough use paintball hits. Specifacations: Dot Size: Length: Height: Weight HS1: Weight HS1: Mounts: Magnification: Eye Relief Power: Switch: Adjustment: 8 M.O.A* 4.3 inches 2.25 inches 2.2 ounces 2.5 ounces 3/8" or 3/4" convertible None Not applicable 2032 size 3V lithium bat. Off-Med-High Windage & Elevation

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