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MFG Review:

The new look on the field has arrived with paintballs flying. Redz new line of Invincible Jerseys, for the true competitor, comes in 5 sizes to fit all players. With four colors to choose from, the unique design will make you look and feel like winners no matter what the outcome. Redz Invincible jerseys are made of a snag and run free fabric that will not fade. This loose fitting, breathable design will not hinder movement and even provide some protection with padded elbows that are sewn in. Priced just right, ask for these top quality Redz jerseys at a local paintball store near you. Also look for Redz Invincible Pro Gloves in your stores. These stylish ergonomic gloves provide the protection and mobility that paintball players require. Full fingered and reinforced in the palm, Redz Invincible Pro Gloves are not only built strong, but also match the Redz Invincible jersey as well. With the same four colors to choose from, these fresh products from Redz Comfort Gear add to the your style without sacrificing any skills.

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