Wayne Dollack’s:  ATTACK ON NAVARONE

Ludowici, Georgia
by Satch

Lowcountry Paintball
Twelve miles off I-95, left at the sign and you'll be staring at the white two story headquarters of Lowcountry Paintball. The first player I saw, Wynn Gale, was clad in a full ghillie. Wynn was one of only two dedicated snipers. Too bad because he and his American counterpart, Joe Runey were going to have a "Shoot Fest". The dry swamp bottom filled with cabbage palmettos and scrub oaks was perfect for sniping, and this terrain made up well over half of the 63 acre field.

American's - 'They're Everywhere!'
Wayne Dollack’s Scenario theme was straightforward: The year is 1943; it is the middle of World War II. Thousands of British soldiers are stranded on the Nazi controlled Greek island of Kheros. Two massive guns on the nearby island of Navarone control the sea-lanes and prevent resupply or a large-scale sea invasion. The American/Allied response is to form an assault team to infiltrate the seemingly impenetrable fortress on Navarone and destroy the giant guns. Scheduled start is Noon Saturday with a nighttime break at 2AM Sunday, and a restart 8AM Sunday. The Ending is scheduled for Noon Sunday.

Diaper Clad German
In typical Satch fashion I was late for the Noon Saturday start, and as I cleared the American insertion point the Germans pushed around the corner. Paint was whizzing all over as I dove for cover. It took two more insertions and about an hour before we were able to clear our insertion area. These Krauts were aggressive! It was about Two PM when I finally made it to our Base for a mission: Hold the VOLOS area for thirty minutes. Tony of Team Moist Doughnuts led the mission, his third of the morning. Surprisingly he was the only Moist Doughnut at this scenario. Unfortunately, the threat of bad weather kept many players away. Just before we satisfied the time limit of our mission, Billy Hale (American), ran into our position. He was the last of a group that had been routed by a German offensive. With the initial mission completed, we set up an offensive plan. Those of you who only play speedball are missing out on a great training exercise. Offense is offense on any field, and thanks to fast movement and good strategy from Tony and Billy, we were able to flank and eliminate 8-10 players who were dug in behind bunkers. However, I took a hit just as we reached the German insertion point. So it was off to the parking lot for me. It was just as well; I had fired over 800 balls through the Matrix, and there was less than 700 psi in my tank.

German Base
I was able to hook up with most of my team, The Uninvited, for the next insertion. General David “T-Bag” Woodham gave us a great mission, BLOW THE GUNS, and for double points, the General was coming with us! We had inserted with a large group, and were also able to hook up with another group who had just completed their mission. The Guns were next to the German base, and well defended, but we simply had more troops. One of our demolitions men had just radioed the General to “move up” when we heard a tank round the corner.
In seconds eight of our guys were taken out by… “Superman”? Yes, the man of steel slipped and his friendly fire cut our forces in half. Our demolitions man pitched a satchel charge and “boom” no more tank. Another satchel charge took out the guns, but German troop insertions were really pinning us down. It was 5:56 PM (four minutes til dinner break).
Zane Hinkle Advances
Joe Cartwright and I were alone on our side of the German base, and cut off from our squad. Since we only had a hopper each, we decide to try a flanking move on two players dug in behind a boat. The adrenaline was pumping, and my mask began to fog; then THWAK... right at the base of my neck. Don't let anyone tell you pumps are ineffective. Wes Stewart got me with a very old pump. "One shot, one kill"

Dinner was a much-needed break, and the choice of a barbeque or wing plate really hit the spot. Since the weather kept so many players away, lines were short, and there were no complaints. The adrenaline crash and a full belly made it hard to conduct staff interviews, but I couldn't miss this radio interchange. Owner Billy Smith came booming over the referee channel, "T-E-D-D-Y B-E-A-R, my name is not Billy, it's TEDDY BEAR!" Yes folks, it takes all kinds!

Derrick and Paul Simmons opened the air station at 6AM, and Wayne was on his megaphone at 7AM rousting the troops. Despite an initial lead by the Americans, the gap was closed Sunday morning, as the Germans organized numerous successful missions. His off-field friend, Phillip Camacho of Team Silent Thunder, targeted Paul “Superman” Mulkey, American soldier and cause of the “friendly fire” tank incident. Phillip’s escort scoured the entire field in search of Superman. Occasionally the escort was spotted, and a small firefight ensued, but Phillip managed to evade each time. We knew he was around, and Paul continually taunted the unseen foe. Phillip passed on an easy kill as a player stopped within fifteen feet, but it was Superman he wanted. Luckily, Satch noticed Phillip first, and the Stealth Cocker found its mark.

In the last hours, Wayne inserted the off duty referees as “Mercenaries”, and they caused untold confusion. One in particular, Wesley Smith, repeatedly reinserted and wreaked havoc on the American lines… and my back! Most of the mercenary’s efforts aided the Germans, but the final score was Americans 1900 points and the German’s 1600.

American MVP's
German MVP's
In typical Wayne Dollack fashion, numerous jerseys, markers and accessories were presented at the award ceremony. The American General, David “T- bag” Woodham, thanked his MVP’s, Team Uninvited, and his XO Sarah “Stewardess” Tingle.
Generals and Staff
The German General, Link of Triggertyme Paintball, thanked his MVP’s and teams Silent Thunder & Red Rain and his XO. He also presented a special award to the American player, “Big Jake” Jacobs of Team Uninvited. Evidently Big Jake’s assassination total was close to the German point total.

Wanye Dollack, Rick Bond, Billy Smith
Thanks to a great host, Billy “Teady Bear” Smith and his wife Paula, this was a really fun scenario. No food or air station lines to hold up play, and Ultimate Ref, Rick “Coach” Bond kept his hustling referees moving. Ref disputes were nearly unheard of. Even Wayne Dollack commented that this was one of the most sportsmanlike scenarios he had run in many years. If you’re ever in southern Georgia, look up Lowcountry Paintball for a good time and lots of woods and speedball play. Tell’em Satch sent ya.

*Photos courtesy of Linda Ambler and Billy Smith.

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