Questions about Pro Paintball

Questions about Pro Paintball

Hey Young,
Hi, my names nicole nicolas. I go to eastern illinois and i have this journalism assignment and i decided to do it on paintballing if you could answer some of the questions too that'd be cool and forward this message to a few professional paintball players. Here's some of the questions I wanted to ask. Do you see any sort of trend with paintballing becoming more popular? Why? If so how? How much has it grown since paintballing started in the 80s? When did paintballing start to become a sport people play professionally? Why is paintballing the safest extreme sport? How much does a professional paintball player make on average a year and per tournament? Can you tell me about how professional paintball tournaments are setup/how they work?


Hi Nicole, that sure is alot of questions in one sitting, but here you go.

• Yes.
• Growth and exposure for paintball has increased dramatically over the years.
• The players and the industry have gotten paintball to be more common amongst people that did not know what paintball was. At first, word of mouth was the main source of attracting new people to the game. Magazine publications also helped out some. Paintball has been on a steady growth where manufacturers are also growing. With that growth allows the manufacturers and companies to market their products and the sport/game more. It is common to see paintball themes on TV now. The Bud Light Super Bowl commercial is one example of this. Also, the paintball industry has done a lot to market the fun. You may have noticed Fox Sports and Outdoor Life Network have aired paintball frequently over the last 2 years. Not to mention that it is the safest way to get your adrenaline fix. Greg Hastings’ Tournament Paintball (an Xbox game that is paintball themed) was released on the 18th of November. This is the first paintball arcade/console game ever made with the backing of the Professional Players and the Paintball industry. I would like to think that this is a great step to get paintball out to more of the public.
• There were more than 10 million people that played in the year 2004. Everything positive about paintball has gotten so much better. New companies are sprouting everywhere. There is a huge difference from five years ago when I would say “I play paintball” and get a quizzical look to now where people have heard of it or have even played paintball. In my opinion, paintball has grown more in the last five years than the whole 20 years before combined.
• Right now, Professional Paintball is still in its infancy. The term “Pro” is more related to which level of play that your team is qualified to play in. Compensation usually comes by your sponsors. Some sponsors will also pay a stipend to compensate for work missed. Many Pro Players work within the industry in one capacity or another. But just within the last year there have been rumors that some players are being compensated/paid with a living wage. At this time there is no need to hire an agent like Scott Boras.
• For one, there is no physical contact. The other is that the only piece of equipment that is mandatory are the goggle/mask systems designed for paintball. It is funny how a high school condones a physical violent sport like football but some won’t condone paintball clubs. Did you know that football has the highest injury rate amongst High School sports yet paintball (all players combined that play paintball) has far less injuries than High School Golf?
• Once again, the salary of a player is based on that player’s team’s sponsors. Some do get monetary compensation whereas most Professional Players don’t. In the Pro Division, the top prize is $20,000 I would assume that this amount would be shared with the players on the roster which can be up to 15 players for XBall or up to 9 players for NPPL Super 7. I guess you can say that players play for the love of playing for the winning purse is not enough to live off of.
• In the United States there are two premier paintball leagues: the National Professional Paintballball League Super 7 (NPPLS7) and the Paintball Sports Promotions (PSP) . They each host five events a year in different locations all over the United States. The PSP is affiliated with the National Xball League, (the NXL). The NXL is an exclusive league that is being used as the vehicle to get paintball as a common sport for TV.

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