Warp Feed?

Warp Feed?

Dear Paintball.com,

Is a warp feed an advantage or disadvantage? Is it tourny legal? Can you use it in the NPPL? is it good for back players or front players, if it's even legal?


Dear Alex,

First off, yes a warp feed system is tournament legal and you can use it in any tournament you decide to participate in.

The major advantage of a warp feed system is it lowers your profile and when you come out of your bunker you don't have a loader sticking out on top of your marker. It gives the opponents less to shoot at. The major disadvantage to a warp feed system is that it creates a wider marker system and where you make up in height you lose in width. Your marker doesn't fit as comfortably to your body as it would without a warp feed. This can create an awkward stance for some and leave your arms out wider than normal - bringing about another target for the opponent to aim at.

As for back players and front players, I have seen both types use the warp feed. It really comes down to personal preference and what feels more comfortable to you as a player.

I hope this helps,

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